Krakow’s Laboratory welcomed Shashidhar Korrapati

On Monday, 20th Nov., Shashidhar Korrapati, Head of CDS Lab Operations, visited Krakow’s lab! It has happened for the first time that Krakow’s Laboratory was visited by a person from CDS (Cloud Development Services, previously SRDT) N-3 level!

We were very proud and honored to present our Krakow’s Laboratory to Shashidhar Korrapati, Head of CDS Lab Operations. Shashidhar met with Krzysztof Persona (TC Head), TC Krakow Leadership Team as well as all our Lab Team. Shashidhar has been explained on how do we work here and what our goals are. To make a long story short, among the discussed topics were:

Krakow’s Lab achievements:

- Building an Outdoor Laboratory: moving Flexi FSMF from Indoor Lab to outside the building space (130sqm), which will help to reduce air-condition energy consumption costs as well as release lab space for new projects.

- Running an Innovation Board Campaign in cooperation with all other Krakow’s businesses: 34 GIM ideas, amongst which 10 have been already implemented.

- Building glass walls, doors and roof around 26 server racks (Cold-Aisle Containment), which helps savings on air-condition’s energy.

- Making Interactive Laboratory Maps, which are 100% ready for global ILM system.

- Building one common Layer 2 LAB Core Network for all BL projects so to get: Resiliency, Flexibility, Manageability, Scalability and significant cost savings. The Network is modern, fast, scalable, and has resilient core as well as one point of management for the whole lab. In the future, there will be up to 640Gbps uplink from each of four Distribution Points.

- Centralized computing power increase

- Savings: in total Krakow’s Lab team projects within the next 5 years (Jan 2017 – Dec 2022) will reduce costs of approx. 2,769,500 €.


In 2018 Krakow’s Laboratory will continue working on:

- Implementation of Cold-Aisle Containment in server room.

- Deploying outdoor laboratory space.

- Further business network separation on same core infrastructure (q-in-q).


Krakow’s Lab team was content to see how precise Shashidhar was during the meeting and how concrete his vision of team development was. They were delighted to see Shashidhar’s visions for CDS Lab Operations as well.


After the visit Shashidhar said that „Krakow is a site with lot of buzz and energy”. “- The enthusiasm the whole site and team shown to educate me on the site scope, profile and the lab visit was quite useful and interesting.” – he added. He also stated that at Nokia “everyone knows each other so much that I don't find they are working in different organizations. This is the most interesting and pleasantly surprising element.”


Fingers crossed, and we are looking forward to ongoing and new projects in 2018!