Nokia is constantly developing. In the recruitment process we constantly obtain people that are about to graduate or already have working experience.
We care about the development of both mentioned groups.


Newly hired employees are become familiar with the company, products and technologies thanks to the Induction Path. The graduates take part in numerous external and internal trainings deepening technical knowledge and developing soft skills. In accordance with predispositions and selection, employees that already have some working experience develop by taking positions from the career path – expert or managerial.

The program for managerial competence development is realized as part of the “Future Leaders” (for talent development), “Licence to Lead” (dedicated to those, who just became managers) and “Talent Watch” (talent development on the whole company level) projects.

Expert competences are supported by trainings and team coaching sessions offered by experts of a certain field and also transferring competences between locations all over the world (possibility to travel to foreign countries). We’re working with the greatest worldwide authorities in the field of technology and project methodology.

What is more, we also develop our experts and internal trainers. “More than Expert” and “train the Trainers” programs support expert competences, which let our employees build the technology of tomorrow.