In Nokia Networks Technology Center in Kraków we create new products for various mobile network generations, such as base stations or elements of mobile networks for operator’s mobile network management.

We pay great attention so that our products are correctly designed, both hardware and software. In connection with that, Nokia center in Kraków has large laboratories, in which there are mobile network devices of various technologies and equipment which allows testing them. The aspect of verification and providing proper quality are very important for us as well.

That’s why we have the best professionals working for us. Best professionals of various fields of mobile systems testing, such as:

  • Testers of components of certain devices
  • Testers integrating and verifying hardware and software
  • System testers verifying the product interface and interactions with other elements of mobile systems
  • Radio testers verifying devices for RF (Radio Frequency)
  • Testers of performance and capacity of new products
  • Implementation testers verifying certain products for specific operators

Projects conducted in Kraków are based on LTE (Long Term Evolution) and LTE Advanced, in both access technologies, FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) and TDD (Time Division Complex). In these projects we’re working on development of mobile networks base stations for numerous operators, who have the need to be covered with LTE range:

  • Large area (e.g. a city or countryside) – base stations (so called eNodeB in the LTE system) for Macro cells
  • Medium area (e.g. a city center or market square) – eNodeB for Macro cells, these also have WiFi and Bluetooth modules
  • Small area (e.g. a building) – eNodeB for Pico cells, these also have WiFi and Bluetooth modules

For verification of mobile network elements we use various mobile devices available on the market (e.g. smart phones, dongles, and so on), lab measurers (e.g. radio signal spectrum analyzer, oscilloscopes and so on), virtualization (base stations and other elements of mobile network virtualization) or also simulators. In Nokia’s Kraków department we’re developing new technology simulators, which make it possible to generate multiple connections and reflection of various motion models (simulation of operators’ customers’ normal behavior during mobile network usage – their mobility, voice conversations, Internet usage, social media and so on).

The team of our testing professionals uses the newest techniques during works by the production of HW and SW, those are Agile, Scrum, Konban, Kaizen techniques and Lean Six Sigma methodology. These techniques not only assure product verifying on time, but also give the possibility to induct improvements fixing testers’ work quality or quality of products which we are testing in Kraków, and in all of Nokia.

Process automation and elimination of non-effective work play a great role in improvement induction. For this reason we develop tools that automate tests and other aspects of engineers’ work in Nokia Kraków, and those are:

  • Function library composed on the base of Python (Robot Framework)
  • Perl based library
  • Jenkins – a tool for constant integration, runs automatic tests.