Nokia Kraków

Working Student – Project Coordinator & Tester

Nokia Kraków works on state-of-the-art cellular communications infrastructure components and solutions, mainly in 4G and 5G. If you like learning new things, discovering future telecom and riding the cutting edge of technology, then this offer is for you.

Nokia Technology Center in Krakow is looking for active student that would like to develop in Projects Coordination aspects, but would have also telco/electronic/IT background and would be able to play with HW in our R&D laboratory and SW quality testing.

Daily Activities:

  • Dontribute to setup, development and integration activities
  • Ensuring all members follow Scrum values, principles, and practices
  • Facilitating the Scrum events
  • Participating in the company wide/and local TC administrative tasks/actions/initiatives, 
  • Assistance in coordination of projects, 
  • Maintain data in Excel forms and be able to generate metrics and present them in MS PowerBI, 
  • Marketing inside Nokia products developed and maintained in Nokia Krakow
  • Brand building of products made within Nokia Krakow, 
  • Documentation of products developed and maintained in Nokia Krakow, 
  • Work with servers, local and remote test lines, scripts
  • Collecting, analysing SW logs for engineering problems and work actively with SW Developers inside team on assuring SW quality of Nokia products

Our expectations:

  • Self-motivated, responsible and driven in using already acquired skills and acquiring new skills
  • Basic level of programming skills with Python languages
  • Basic knowledge of Unix, Linux (command line)
  • Knowledge of telecom protocols, IP and networking
  • Knowledge of GIT version control system
  • Active status of student,
  • Strong organisational skills,
  • Knowledge of Office applications,
  • Availability at least 4-5 hours per working day (to support properly projects and integrate with the team),
  • Good interpersonal and teamwork skills,
  • Ability to communicate and co-operate with other people in various situations,
  • Good English, both spoken and written
  • Knowledge of Scrum Methodology is an additional plus