Sport is our no. 1 hobby

NOKIA is not only about new technologies, laboratories or professional equipment. Above all it’s the people, with their individualism that create the whole. At work – engineers, developers, after hours – cyclists, tennis players, runners, volleyball players or badminton players. 


“Sport is health” – a motto that is strongly connected with sportsmen and people that value healthy lifestyle. It comes up in our Center very often, because the sport spirit is around us all year around. With no doubt, our sport section has most fans – from those that prefer winter sports, through those that increase their activity in summer, ending with those that feel best at gym.

 At a fast glance, one could say that actually everything is different about them, but after one gets to know them closer, there are many more similarities than differences. Above all their devotion and passion with which they talk about their discipline, achievements, new equipment or further plans. With no doubt, that’s their real “self. What is more, unmeasured energy – no matter what the discipline is, every sportsmen is like dynamite. Furthermore, their enthusiasm is contagious – the most often repeated sentence? You don’t know how to play….? That’s not a problem, come for the training!

Examples can be multiplied with no end. And there are even more advantages. They not only bring positive energy into our company, but also represent our company in numerous sport events and they do it with great success. We support their development and everyday hobbies with pleasure.