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Nokia Academy

This program is created by our best specialists for people who want to start their career in the IT world. It does not matter if you study IT or want to change from a different field – the only thing you have to have is the dedication to follow several weeks of intense work, filled with knowledge and tasks.

The idea of starting our learning program under the name of Nokia Academy turned out to be a hit. They are very popular and each edition brings together many great people who eventually stay with us.


What is Nokia Academy?

Nokia Academy is a learning program addressing areas as for example C/C++ programming or testing. It consists of learning over a period of several weeks, filled with remote lectures and practical classes. 

The lectures and workshops are typically held daily, outside of working hours and are conducted online in Polish language. Occasional facetoface events on a Saturday could also be part of the program.    

Who is Nokia Academy for?

The program welcomes ambitious and fast-learning individuals who would like to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in key IT skills like C/C++ or testing and start a career path at Nokia. Prior experience is not required – curiosity and perseverance are. 

We focus mainly on potential and involvement! If you are thinking about changing your job or changing industry –  Nokia Academy is for you!  We provide you with the skills to start in a new profession. After each program the best graduates are offered the chance to start working full-time at Nokia. 

In the past we held the Nokia Academy for three roles:


Software Engineer / Developer


Integration and Verification Engineer (IVE) / Tester 


Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) Engineer 

Care to hear from Nokia colleagues who were hired following this learning program?
Listen to Aneta, Michal and Piotr, who share their journey and experiences. 

When a new cohort starts, we will be advertising the detailed requirements on this page as well as social media.