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Competence development

Working with us, you can expect many opportunities for growth. We offer many career paths in our portfolio. You can go in the direction of creating and managing technology, people, or projects, among many others. It is mainly up to you which direction you take.

In order to facilitate the process of developing competencies within a given path, a specially dedicated Competence Development (CoDe) department was created. They create development programs for our engineers or managers, organize and conduct training courses, and coordinate global knowledge enhancement initiatives among our employees.

Code yourself for growth!

In addition to participating in programs organized by the teams, you can also:

  • Use the in-house Learning platform where you can find more than 3,000 ebooks, webinars or training courses in the form of e-learning on IT, business or social science topics)
  • Unlimited use of LinkedIn Learning offers
  • Read books in the traditional way from internal departmental libraries or the Safari platform
  • Work with a mentor (experienced person) in the field that interests you
  • Conduct your research as part of your doctoral dissertation
  • Participate in and also lead expert meetings
  • Train others, consolidate and expand your knowledge as an in-house trainer (e.g., by providing technical training to people interested in working at Nokia as part of NokiaAcademy)

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