Nokia Kraków

Who are we

In R&D Center in Krakow we create solutions that are or will be used around the world every day. We are working on telecommunications technologies such as 2G – GSM, 3G – WCDMA and 4G – LTE, and we deal with the standardization process for the 5G technology.


What happened 150 years ago in the South-West Finland?

Meet our leaders

Our leaders are people who know Nokia inside out. Many of them began their career right here. Get to know them closer.


The only one like that in the world. 8 450 testing devices enclosed in 1300 telecommunications cabinets. Find out more about one of the most modern laboratories.


Cooperation with universities

Focusing on innovations, for many years we have been cooperating with Polish universities, conducting lectures and seminars for students, inviting them for apprenticeship or implementing joint projects within the Innovative Projects initiative.

EU projects

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Operational Programme.